stick1 [ stık ] (past tense and past participle stuck [ stʌk ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 attach something to something
▸ 2 put quickly & carelessly
▸ 3 push something long into something
▸ 4 become difficult to move
▸ 5 when name is accepted
▸ 6 in card game
1. ) transitive stick something on/in/into/under/to etc. something to attach one thing to another, especially using a sticky substance such as glue:
We stuck the tickets in a scrapbook.
I licked the stamp and stuck it on the envelope.
She was sticking posters on her bedroom wall.
stick something together: Can you stick the pieces of this vase back together?
a ) intransitive to become attached to something, especially by means of a sticky substance:
stick to: The pasta has stuck to the bottom of the pan.
He was boiling hot and his jacket was sticking to his back.
2. ) transitive stick something in/on/around etc. something INFORMAL to put something somewhere quickly and without taking much care: SHOVE:
Ned stuck his hands in his pockets.
Just stick the plates in the sink for now.
He stuck his head round the kitchen door and said goodbye.
stick something in the air: The dog rolled on its back and stuck its legs in the air.
3. ) transitive stick something in/into/through/up etc. something to push something long and thin into or through something else:
He stuck the end of the shovel in the soft ground.
She stuck her knitting needles into a ball of wool.
a piece of cloth with a pin stuck through it
a ) intransitive stick in/into/through if something sticks in, into, or through something else, its end remains pushed into or through it:
The knife missed its target and stuck in the door.
Something sharp was sticking into my back.
A broken spring was sticking through the mattress.
b ) transitive stick something on/onto something to push something onto something with a sharp point so that it is held there:
She stuck the marshmallow on the end of the twig and held it close to the fire.
4. ) intransitive to become firmly attached in one position, and therefore difficult or impossible to move:
The door is sticking, so just give it a good push.
stick in/under/at etc.: The wheels had stuck in the mud.
5. ) intransitive if a new name for someone or something sticks, it becomes accepted and used by everyone:
He'd been called Tufty at school, and the name had stuck.
6. ) intransitive to decide that you do not want any more cards in some card games:
Are you sticking?
someone can stick something IMPOLITE
used for saying very angrily that you do not want something that you have been given or are being offered:
You can stick your stupid job!
tell someone where they can stick something/where to stick something: I told them where they could stick their raise.
make something stick INFORMAL
to get enough evidence to prove that someone is guilty of a crime:
The police will never make those charges stick.
stick in your craw
a fact or situation that sticks in your craw is very annoying and difficult to accept:
The thing that sticks in your craw is that we were successful and you were not.
stick in your mind/memory
if something sticks in your mind, you do not forget it easily
stick in your throat
if words stick in your throat, you cannot say them because of the strong emotion you are feeling
,stick a`round phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
to remain in a place for longer than you originally intended, especially in order to wait for something to happen
`stick at phrasal verb transitive BRITISH
stick at something to continue to work at something difficult or unpleasant in a determined way
`stick by phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
1. ) stick by someone to continue to support someone who is in a difficult situation
2. ) stick by something to do something that you promised or decided that you would do:
The head teacher is sticking by his decision to retire next year.
`stick on phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
stick something on someone to say that someone is responsible for something bad:
Don't try and stick the blame for this mess on me!
,stick `out phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive to continue further than the end of a surface or the main part of an object:
stick out of: A magazine was sticking out of his coat pocket.
stick out from: A pair of feet stuck out from under the blanket.
stick out through: His bony elbows stuck out through the holes in his jacket.
someone's ears/teeth stick out: The picture showed Eddie with very short hair and his ears sticking out.
2. ) transitive to push or stretch something forward or away from you, especially a part of your body:
He stuck his chest out proudly as he stepped onto the stage.
Ben stuck out his tongue at the little girl (=as an insult).
stick something out of something: She stuck her arm out of the car window and waved.
stick something out from something: Alice stuck her head out from under the covers.
3. ) intransitive to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different:
One face in particular stuck out of the crowd.
a ) stick out like a sore thumb INFORMAL to be very clearly different from everyone or everything else:
You stick out like a sore thumb in that uniform.
4. ) transitive VERY INFORMAL to continue doing something difficult or unpleasant to the end:
stick it out: It was a tough course, but we stuck it out.
stick your neck out INFORMAL
to take a risk by saying or doing something that could be wrong or make other people react angrily
,stick `out for phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
stick out for something to be determined to get what you want or need, and not be willing to accept anything less:
The workers are sticking out for a 6% pay increase.
`stick to phrasal verb transitive
1. ) stick to something to do something that you promised or decided you would do, or that you believe you should do:
We said we'd give her the cash, and we must stick to our agreement.
stick to the rules (=obey the rules): If everyone sticks to the rules, we shouldn't have any problems.
2. ) stick to something to continue to do or use one particular thing and not change it or stop it for any period of time:
I think we should stick to our original plan.
stick rigidly/resolutely to something (=without changing or stopping): If you stick rigidly to your diet, you will lose weight.
a ) stick to something to talk or write about one particular thing only:
Forget your opinions, just stick to the facts, said Mel impatiently.
Try to stick to the point.
stick to doing something: Writers should stick to writing about things they know about.
3. ) stick to something to continue to follow a particular path, especially in order to avoid danger or getting lost
4. ) stick to someone to stay very close to someone and follow them wherever they go:
stick close to someone: Moore stuck close to the race leader until the last lap.
stick to your guns INFORMAL
to refuse to change what you are saying or doing despite the opposition or criticism of other people
stick to your story INFORMAL
to refuse to change your account of an event or situation, especially when it is not true or when people doubt it:
No one's to blame. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
,stick to`gether phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
if people stick together, they remain close together and support one another
,stick `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive to continue upward further than the end of a surface or the main part of an object:
You've got some hair sticking up at the back.
The oil rig stuck up out of the darkness.
2. ) transitive INFORMAL to raise something upward, especially your arm or hand:
Maggie stuck up her hand to answer the question.
3. ) transitive VERY INFORMAL to steal money or goods from a person or place using a gun:
an attempt to stick up a local bank
stick 'em up SPOKEN
if someone with a gun tells you to stick 'em up, they are ordering you to raise your arms above your head, usually because they are going to steal money or goods from you
,stick `up for phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
stick up for someone/something to speak in support of a person or an idea, belief, or plan, especially when no one else will:
Don't worry, the family will stick up for you.
stick up for yourself: I don't need any help, thanks. I can stick up for myself.
`stick with phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
1. ) stick with someone to stay close to someone and go with them wherever they go, especially so that they can help or protect you:
Stick with me and you'll be all right.
2. ) stick with something to continue to do or use something, and not change it:
They're going to stick with the same team as last Saturday.
stick with it: We had a tough time for a few years, but we stuck with it.
3. ) stick with someone if something sticks with you, you continue to remember it clearly:
It was a moment that has stuck with me for years.
stick 2 [ stık ] noun **
1. ) count a thin piece of wood that has been broken or cut from a tree:
I went out to find some sticks for a fire.
a ) a long strong piece of wood, usually with a handle at the top, that you use to help you walk: WALKING STICK
b ) a long thin piece of wood used as a weapon or for making an animal move in the direction you want it to
c ) a long thin piece of wood used for hitting or carrying something in a sport:
a hockey/lacrosse stick
d ) a small thin piece of wood or plastic used for a particular purpose:
a popsicle stick
e ) a long thin piece of something:
a stick of celery/dynamite
f ) a BATON used by a CONDUCTOR to direct an orchestra
g ) a container for an amount of a solid substance that you push at the bottom so that a small amount comes out of the top:
a stick of glue/deodorant
j ) a stick of butter/margarine AMERICAN a long thin piece of butter or MARGARINE that you buy from a store
2. ) uncount BRITISH INFORMAL criticism
a stick of furniture
a piece of furniture that is not worth much
a stick to beat someone with FORMAL
a piece of information or an argument that can be used for criticizing or punishing someone:
This report is being used as yet another stick to beat nurses with.
up sticks SPOKEN
to leave a place

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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